What is philosophy?

Philosophy is not well-known in Australian culture. So it’s worth taking a couple of minutes to show you what it is, and what it isn’t.

It’s not simply saying your opinion, “My philosophy about X …”

It’s not always impractical – sometimes it’s explicitly about what being practical means, and what sorts of consequences that might have.

It’s not only for (supposedly) “intelligent” people. Philosophy can take a bit of getting used, but even gets can get involved. See, for example, the philosophy in schools movement.

Philosophy is not just ancient history, or white guys with beards. Some of today’s most well-known philosophers are women – Martha Nussbaum, for instance; and questions about race are some of the most important things that philosophers are asking at the moment.

To do philosophy is to take an organised approach to how we know something, why we do something, and what we relate to, be it other people, animals, the world, and so on. In the end, it always ends up being very practical.


~More coming soon~